NMT team won the first place in “MEMS University Alliance Design Competition”

New Mexico Tech's team competing in the annual MEMS University Alliance Design Competition won the first place. This is an annual competition in the field of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and all the universities are eligible to compete. The competition has two main categories, i.e. Commercialization and Education categories. This year NMT decided to compete in the Commercialization category and achieved first place in this category. The team consisted of Yuqi Ma and Bowen Shang, both undergraduate students in the Mechanical Engineering department, and Phillip Clift, a graduate student in the Materials Engineering Department here at New Mexico Tech. Dr. Mousavi was the advisor for the team helping them through the whole process. Although this was the first time most of the team members were exposed to MEMS, they accomplished admirable results with their hard work.