Principle Investigator

Arash Kheyraddini Mousavi

I am an Assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at New Mexico Tech. I received my PhD, MSc and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, Amirkabir University of Technology and Tabriz University respectively. My main area of interest are MicroElectroMechanical Systems (also known as MEMS), Bio-MEMS and their applications.

Graduate Students

Phillip Clift

Phillip is a graduate student having completed his B.S. in Materials Engineering and an M.S. in Nanotechnology. Participated in the UAMEMS 2016 competition and won first place in the commercialization category for a novel bio-monitoring MEMS device. Currently participating the Space-Race competition for IP transfer rights and funding. Currently, has a novel invention submitted through the NMIMT university patent foundation for radiation shielding for spacecraft solar arrays.

Undergraduate Students

Joseph Martinez-Ponce

I am an undergraduate student at The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. My major is Mechanical Engineering and I plan on specializing in Nanotechnology and MEMS. My future goal is to work in the MEMS field, hopefully at Sandia National Labratories, and to get at least a masters degree in MEMS. I am currently (2017) working with Dr. Mousavi on Interferometry and Interferometric Lithography.